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Monday, 2 April 2012

Space Camp there and back again.

As the title suggests, this post is about Space Camp.

Son came home a few months ago with a letter saying about going on school trip to Belgium for Space Camp. He was so good, he came in and said "i know we can't afford for me to go but i have to give you the letter or i get in trouble." Needless to say inwardly i went "Aww", it was so understanding of him to our finances.
I decided whatever the situation he was going. He's very into his science and this i can boast about he's been top 6 of his year for science in the last few weeks and is in the gifted and talented group too.

Well, moving forward to last Fri and there i stood mid afternoon waving him off as the coach left. Or at least i thought i would be. My son was the only child out of 40 on the coach who didn't look out the window and wave. All the other parents were smiling, some were in tears- but all were waving except for me!
Since son lost his mobile months ago i didn't hear a thing all weekend, no calls from the teachers either, which was all good as i knew he hadn't fallen off the anti gravity wall and broken something, and he really wasn't missing me. He hadn't broken some really expensive piece of machinery by trying to take it apart (something he is very apt at doing).

Come tonight it was pick up time, 10pm at the school. That was until i had a call from the teacher to say it was brought forward to 9, they either got an earlier Ferry (or fairy, as daughter insists it is) or they made very good time with the roads.
Son has come home hoarse, complaining of lack of sleep as the others in his room kept talking and calling him names- they all stay up later than him normally. whereas if he does then he's not great the following morning. He can do this for a few days and then it gets to him. The voice is due to singing the "Gummy Bear" song- I have no idea on that.
He apologised for not getting me any Belgian chocolate as the factory was closed. Keeps telling me he'll by some from home. Bless him, i did tell him to spend his money on himself. He bought his sister an Agate as they are both in to Crystals, and himself a Newtons Cradle.
We have lots of pictures to look at at videos to download to the laptop, and he will be showing some of these at Astronomy club on Thursday evening when he goes. The teacher in charge of the trip also goes to the club and is looking forward to seeing them too.

Overall i think he had a wonderful tie and i'm so grateful to family members who helped make this trip possible for him. It is almost a once in a lifetime trip. The school only run it every two years, so i can see daughter wanting to go as she will be in year 7 ready for the next trip over. That however we will have to wait and see about.

Now we will be back to a normal Easter and no doubt the bickering and arguing will start tomorrow as if they have never been apart. *smiles to herself*

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