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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Time for Personal reading reviews

I thought it was about time to add some reviews of some of my personal reading. I read a lot of books for review as per request by the author themselves or a publishing house, and it leaves little time for reading my choice of books. The first book here is one i downloaded to my Kindle for free. I had no idea what it was about, but i thought it sounded good.

Sentence of Marriage (Promises to Keep #1)

I loved this book. It gives such a clear viewpoint of farm life in New Zealand, i was drawn to the characters and found myself really feeling for Amy. I could not put this down and found myself willing the until i could sit and read some more to go quicker.

Mud and Gold (Promises to Keep #2)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Time to Show yoda off again

This is my lovely baby with his latest achievement.
We were at the Kent County Association Open Show this weekend just gone. It was a cold and miserable day, but the amount of people there with their precious dogs was amazing. This is the first Open show i have been too and i'm not sure what i expected, but it was lovely to see all the different breeds. And what a fuss people were making! They were primping and preening their dogs on the tables, some has bows in their hair,, others were putting whitening powder in their coats. And then there was me, just sitting there nervous as anything wishing the time away.
We got there just after 9 am and collected the guide book. Looked up what ring we would be in and settled by the side to wait. We saw and chatted to a few people we knew, wishing each other good luck in the various classes our dogs were registered, and by the time we were due to go in for our class i'd been for a wee at least 6 times. I don't get butterflies or need the loo when i'm nervous i only react when its a scared nervous then i get clammy. But this was silly. I wasn't drinking that much and yet i had to go.
Anyway, The Junior class came up and i entered the ring with my friend who had Yoda's sister. we tried to have some other dogs in between them as they normally want to play but we didn't manage it. So Yoda went first and did his moves and his his sister Shelby went second. I wasn't expecting much as Yoda was pulling on the lead and he wasn't holding his head up all the time.
When we lined up at the end and i was handed 2nd place for him i was so shocked i looked at the judge as if to say are you sure. Everyone else went off and i was standing next to the 1st place winner waiting to say thanks to the judge still in amazement.
I'm so proud of my baby. His sister was given reserve place, and his mum in her class was also given reserve place. So in the end we all went home with something.
now we practise harder with the training, Hope his last 2 teeth come out before the next show in march so that he can get the same if not better placing.
If you're interested in reading more about Yoda and his family please go to yoda's facebook page
or he can be found on his breeders page along with other members of his family Stormchi Chihuahuas 
Until my next proud moment of his achievements

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Book Review: What do you call a baby Lion By David Chucka


This book is perfect as a bedtime story and also for your loved ones who are learning to read.

In this book you will discover the names of various baby animals. Each animal is represented by the adult with a cartoon image and a real life photo is used to represent the baby animal.

Young children will have fun trying to guess and remember the names of young animals plus you will be helping them expand their vocabulary.

My Thoughts:

I found that this book was interesting for myself as i learnt a few things about animals, but for my 3 year old he liked the pictures but the words left him bored and confused. He loved looking at the pictures, but language wise it was too advanced for him. This book would be good without words or with more complex pictures and a bit more story and then aimed at an older age range.
Still something for an adult like me to learn from though.

Book Review: Billy and the Monster who loved to fart by David Chuka


Billy loves Monster and Monster loves Billy. They play together. They have a bath together.They even go to school together. There's just one thing that threatens to spoil their friendship.

Monster loves to Fart!

Will Monster make Billy the uncoolest kid at school? Will Monster cause an irreparable hole in the Ozone layer? Will Monster and Billy both learn how to behave properly in a social environment?

This book deals with friendship, doing things in moderation, behaving properly in social situations and is very funny. You will have a blast reading this children book filled with great pictures and jokes with and to your little ones

My Thoughts:

This book is designed in my opinion for children of 3-6. With cartoon style pictures the child is able to follow along as you read, the words are large print so as they learn letters they can start to follow the words too.

This was read to a 3 year old boy, who absolutely loved it and wanted to go back and read it again. The whole mention of the word 'fart' has most children laughing and gets them interested in what is being said and in this case it was the same. He was laughing along happily and couldn't wait to fine out what happened next.

As a child's book i give this 5/5.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

A good Description of fibro

While on facebook one of the posts added by a group i follow was the following. It's something that struck a chord with me and i thought i would share it with my readers.


1. My pain - My pain is not your pain. It is not caused by inflammation. Taking your arthritis medication will not help me. I can not work my pain out or shake it off. It is not even a pain that stays put. Today it is in my shoulder, but tomorrow it may be in my foot or gone. My pain is believed to be caused by improper signals sent to the brain, possibly due to slee...
p disorders. It is not well understood, but it is real.

2. My fatigue - I am not merely tired. I am often in a severe state of exhaustion. I may want to participate in physical activities, but I can't. Please do not take this personally. If you saw me shopping in the mall yesterday, but I can't help you with yard work today, it isn't because I don't want to. I am, most likely, paying the price for stressing my muscles beyond their capability.

3. My forgetfulness - Those of us who suffer from it call it fibrofog. I may not remember your name, but I do remember you. I may not remember what I promised to do for you, even though you told me just seconds ago. My problem has nothing to do with my age but may be related to sleep deprivation. I do not have a selective memory. On some days, I just don't have any short-term memory at all.

4. My clumsiness - If I step on your toes or run into you five times in a crowd, I am not purposely targeting you. I do not have the muscle control for that. If you are behind me on the stairs, please be patient. These days, I take life and stairwells one step at a time.

5. My sensitivities - I just can't stand it! "It" could be any number of things: bright sunlight, loud or high-pitched noises, odors. FMS has been called the "aggravating everything disorder." So don't make me open the drapes or listen to your child scream. I really can't stand it.

6. My intolerance - I can't stand heat, either. Or humidity. If I am a man, I sweat...profusely. If I am a lady, I perspire. Both are equally embarrassing, so please don't feel compelled to point this shortcoming out to me. I know. And don't be surprised if I shake uncontrollably when it's cold. I don't tolerate cold, either. My internal thermostat is broken, and nobody knows how to fix it.

7. My depression - Yes, there are days when I would rather stay in bed or in the house or die. I have lost count of how many of Dr. Kevorkian's patients suffered from FMS as well as other related illnesses. Severe, unrelenting pain can cause depression. Your sincere concern and understanding can pull me back from the brink. Your snide remarks can tip me over the edge.

8. My stress - My body does not handle stress well. If I have to give up my job, work part time, or handle my responsibilities from home, I'm not lazy. Everyday stresses make my symptoms worse and can incapacitate me completely.

9. My weight - I may be fat or I may be skinny. Either way, it is not by choice. My body is not your body. My appestat is broken, and nobody can tell me how to fix it.

10. My need for therapy - If I get a massage every week, don't envy me. My massage is not your massage. Consider how a massage would feel if that charley horse you had in your leg last week was all over your body. Massaging it out was very painful, but it had to be done. My body is knot-filled. If I can stand the pain, regular massage can help, at least temporarily.

11. My good days - If you see me smiling and functioning normally, don't assume I am well. I suffer from a chronic pain and fatigue illness with no cure. I can have my good days or weeks or even months. In fact, the good days are what keep me going.

12. My uniqueness - Even those who suffer from FMS are not alike. That means I may not have all of the problems mentioned above. I do have pain above and below the waist and on both sides of my body which has lasted for a very long time. I may have migraines or hip pain or shoulder pain or knee pain, but I do not have exactly the same pain as anyone else.

I hope that this helps you understand me, but if you still doubt my pain, your local bookstore, library and the internet have many good books and articles on fibromyalgia.

Author's note: This letter is based on communications with people throughout the world, males and females, who suffer from fibromyalgia. It does not represent any one of the over 10,000,000 people with FMS, but it can help the healthy person understand how devastating this illness can be. Please do not take these people and their pain lightly. You wouldn't want to spend even a day in their shoes...or their bodies.

I thought this would be good to share!
Fibro Colors

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Book Review of Nightingale Woods by Kathryn Browne

Nightingale Woods - Paperback version


Rachel Phillips, mid twenties, a little naive, rather gullible, has fallen for a married man. The thing is, he's also fallen for her. In too deep, Rachel and married man Steve, begin an affair and develop intense feelings for each other, knowing what they're doing is wrong. But after nine months of lies and deceit, Steve's wife Olivia finds out and gives him an ultimatum. It was inevitable that someone's heart would get broken, but Rachel truly believed it wouldn't be hers and certainly not twice within a matter of days. Seventeen years later, Rachel has been married, widowed and moved on to a new life in a little Scottish village in Perthshire. But one day her life comes crashing down around her when she spots Steve and Olivia in a nearby town, looking happy and very much together. So sure she'd got over Steve, she soon realises she's never been able to move on since falling in love with him and when Steve sees her and follows her home, Rachel has to make it clear that she’s no longer the naive twenty-something he once knew. But is she? Does the flame reignite when they meet again after seventeen years? And is Steve still in love with Rachel, or has he moved on? Nightingale Woods is a down-to-earth romance focusing on the difficult issues infidelity creates, but with a humorous mixture of trying to overcome being "the other woman"


If you're expecting a standard romance novel then be prepared to think differently. This novel is not like that. It gets you very involved with the characters. I felt sympathetic yet angry with the main lady both at the same time. Katheryn Brown has a very humanistic way of writing about people. She truly captures feelings and behaviours. I could almost imagine that she is writing from experience.
This was not what i was expecting as it is totally different from her other novel "Discovery at Rose Hill", but i have to say it is just as good and i was not expecting the turn of events in the last few chapters.
Well done Ms Brown, another great success.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

It all comes at once

Why does everything happen at once.
Last weekend i had the competition and Yoda had a show. This weekend i'm out for my mum's Birthday on Friday night, then to a friends on saturday night for Chinese and sewing evening get together of our re-enactment group. This is on top of our normal week and the monthly meeting of ESAS.
I think for the next month or so i have something to do every day of the weekend.

It may sound as if i am complaining about being busy, but after the kindness of spectators behind us at the Gym Competition coughing all over us i have a stinking cold. I was in bed all day yesterday, and today but managed to get Daughter to gym training. I'm not sure i'll manage the ESAS meeting as it finishes at 10 pm and i really don't fancy going out at that time again.
I'd like to know that just because i have things planned i end up feeling ill- its feels like i'm not supposed to go and see people. Last time we were invited to a friends for a gathering i was ill with a cold that turned into sinusitis. I know i shouldn't be moaning as there are people far worse off than me, but i'm really feeling the effects of colds nowadays, whereas a few years ago i never did. I used to carry on and plough through- it feels so debilitating now.

Sorry whinge over now xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mango and Passion Fruit: Buttons + Paperclips = Bookmarks!

Mango and Passion Fruit: Buttons + Paperclips = Bookmarks!: Another straight forward tutorial. This one by Jamielyn , from I {  heart  } Nap Time , it's the kind of blog worth coming back to at least...

Daughters 1st gym competition and Yoda's Open Competition

Sunday was a very long and exciting day for us.
We were up at 5.30 getting ready for a trip to local gym competition for my daughter. I say Local, it was an hours drive away and we had to be there at 7.45am as we were taking her squads coach and daughter was in the 1st round of the competition. Neither of us have been to watch anything like this live before let alone taken part, and for her coach it was her 1st squad that she'd trained to competition, so the excitement could be felt in the car.
The journey up was uneventful, as was the waiting around to register and pay our entry. Despite being in the 1st round the children were called for warm up 15 Min's late. We sat on the benches watching as all the children paraded in and cheered and clapped for them all. Its a wonderful sight, so many boys and girls dressed in their gym competition uniforms.

Once the competition got going it was hard knowing where to look and who to watch, the club was split across the room. Waiting for daughter was awful, she kept getting up to doing something and then sitting down. An hour later when she was supposed to have moved onto her next section, she still hadn't done her 1st bit. At this point i really needed a cup of tea, so off i went to get one. I come back and whats happened- Yes she's been and i missed it, she was not impressed and still hasn't forgiven me. I spent over an hours thinking i can't go as she'll be up and then i miss it- Just typical. I did however get a picture of it and her face shows the utter joy she feels while doing her gym.
While waiting for her next section the sirens went off and we were asked to evacuate the building! Something had set the fire alarms off so we were evacuated out of the building for an hour into the cold. All the gymnasts in their leotards poor things, and the parents running around trying to get their clothes to them.
Once back indoors they had to warm up again before they could continue, the show was now running 2 hours behind schedule.
The next tense time was watching daughter do her floor routine, would she remember her arms?, how would her foot old up (we'd been in A+E again 2 days previous as she sprained it)? Would she collapse on her handstand? But she did the best routine i'd seen her do so far, not perfect but her best effort. I was so proud of her.

Maybe one of the tensest times was waiting for the scores. I didn't expect her to get a medal, but i was nervous for the rest of the club members. And as a club we did well. I think we ended the day on 4, 3rd position medals and 3, 2nd place medals. Not bad at all. We finally left there at 6.30 and got home after the drop off of coach and collections of son and dog at 8pm. A very long day.

Added to that, Yoda was entered into a big Open show and came 1st in the Open class. This class is for dogs of all age and breed. He even beat a dog with a Junior Warrant Certificate (apparently this is really hard to get) and was considered for Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed, but was pipped at the post because he still has 2 retained puppy teeth and one ear not quite fully up. But i am so proud of my lovely boy, he is growing into a great dog.

All in all i had an exciting day on sunday.