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Thursday, 7 February 2013

It all comes at once

Why does everything happen at once.
Last weekend i had the competition and Yoda had a show. This weekend i'm out for my mum's Birthday on Friday night, then to a friends on saturday night for Chinese and sewing evening get together of our re-enactment group. This is on top of our normal week and the monthly meeting of ESAS.
I think for the next month or so i have something to do every day of the weekend.

It may sound as if i am complaining about being busy, but after the kindness of spectators behind us at the Gym Competition coughing all over us i have a stinking cold. I was in bed all day yesterday, and today but managed to get Daughter to gym training. I'm not sure i'll manage the ESAS meeting as it finishes at 10 pm and i really don't fancy going out at that time again.
I'd like to know that just because i have things planned i end up feeling ill- its feels like i'm not supposed to go and see people. Last time we were invited to a friends for a gathering i was ill with a cold that turned into sinusitis. I know i shouldn't be moaning as there are people far worse off than me, but i'm really feeling the effects of colds nowadays, whereas a few years ago i never did. I used to carry on and plough through- it feels so debilitating now.

Sorry whinge over now xx

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