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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Daughters 1st gym competition and Yoda's Open Competition

Sunday was a very long and exciting day for us.
We were up at 5.30 getting ready for a trip to local gym competition for my daughter. I say Local, it was an hours drive away and we had to be there at 7.45am as we were taking her squads coach and daughter was in the 1st round of the competition. Neither of us have been to watch anything like this live before let alone taken part, and for her coach it was her 1st squad that she'd trained to competition, so the excitement could be felt in the car.
The journey up was uneventful, as was the waiting around to register and pay our entry. Despite being in the 1st round the children were called for warm up 15 Min's late. We sat on the benches watching as all the children paraded in and cheered and clapped for them all. Its a wonderful sight, so many boys and girls dressed in their gym competition uniforms.

Once the competition got going it was hard knowing where to look and who to watch, the club was split across the room. Waiting for daughter was awful, she kept getting up to doing something and then sitting down. An hour later when she was supposed to have moved onto her next section, she still hadn't done her 1st bit. At this point i really needed a cup of tea, so off i went to get one. I come back and whats happened- Yes she's been and i missed it, she was not impressed and still hasn't forgiven me. I spent over an hours thinking i can't go as she'll be up and then i miss it- Just typical. I did however get a picture of it and her face shows the utter joy she feels while doing her gym.
While waiting for her next section the sirens went off and we were asked to evacuate the building! Something had set the fire alarms off so we were evacuated out of the building for an hour into the cold. All the gymnasts in their leotards poor things, and the parents running around trying to get their clothes to them.
Once back indoors they had to warm up again before they could continue, the show was now running 2 hours behind schedule.
The next tense time was watching daughter do her floor routine, would she remember her arms?, how would her foot old up (we'd been in A+E again 2 days previous as she sprained it)? Would she collapse on her handstand? But she did the best routine i'd seen her do so far, not perfect but her best effort. I was so proud of her.

Maybe one of the tensest times was waiting for the scores. I didn't expect her to get a medal, but i was nervous for the rest of the club members. And as a club we did well. I think we ended the day on 4, 3rd position medals and 3, 2nd place medals. Not bad at all. We finally left there at 6.30 and got home after the drop off of coach and collections of son and dog at 8pm. A very long day.

Added to that, Yoda was entered into a big Open show and came 1st in the Open class. This class is for dogs of all age and breed. He even beat a dog with a Junior Warrant Certificate (apparently this is really hard to get) and was considered for Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed, but was pipped at the post because he still has 2 retained puppy teeth and one ear not quite fully up. But i am so proud of my lovely boy, he is growing into a great dog.

All in all i had an exciting day on sunday.

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