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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Book Review: What do you call a baby Lion By David Chucka


This book is perfect as a bedtime story and also for your loved ones who are learning to read.

In this book you will discover the names of various baby animals. Each animal is represented by the adult with a cartoon image and a real life photo is used to represent the baby animal.

Young children will have fun trying to guess and remember the names of young animals plus you will be helping them expand their vocabulary.

My Thoughts:

I found that this book was interesting for myself as i learnt a few things about animals, but for my 3 year old he liked the pictures but the words left him bored and confused. He loved looking at the pictures, but language wise it was too advanced for him. This book would be good without words or with more complex pictures and a bit more story and then aimed at an older age range.
Still something for an adult like me to learn from though.

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