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About me

I started this blog a couple of months ago as a way of recording information about my day, to offload some of my stresses, be creative, keep in touch and find new friends.
It has opened up my world to the wonderful amount of creativeness there is around me, something that i had lost through daily life.

I suffer from various medical conditions, one of which is Fibromyalgia. due to this i don't work any more and therefor don't get out as much. By doing this blog i am letting people know my creative side, my parental side, and just keeping in touch with people.
I am a single mum with two wonderful children, who i am devoted to. but as a parent you do have to have something for yourself. for me this is it.

I hope that as my blog develops i will add more things that may inspire others to have a go, or even make them think "I can relate to that". At other times you will no doubt be thinking "What is she waffling on about"
And before i do just that, i want to thank you for reading this, looking round my blog, and if you so wish please feel free to leave a comment in the guest comments section.

Thank you, Blessings and Light x

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