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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Boot Fairs

I had my first experience of selling at a boot fair today. I've been saying for years I should do them as I collect junk like no body's business, but I've never got there. my stuff ends up in the charity shop for two reasons. 1- its easier to bag/box it up and 2- I don't do well with getting up at 5 am to be there by 6 ready to set up.

Today was different. The boot fair at a Tesco near us starts at 5pm. So easy, you get the day to sort and load the car and then a couple of hours mad rush selling before going home for dinner. I'm pleased we finally did get round to it. I managed to get rid of some of the kids old clothes and a few of the larger items I had sitting there unused. We came home with some things, but in all I made my pitch money back and some more.

Mum made a little more but took more with her. Lots of books, both reading and craft ones.
My friend also did well.
The children were pleased with their results too. They took some of their unwanted books, games and toys and sold a fair few of them. son even wants to go again to sell more. He did however spend most of his money coming home with 50p. Daughter did the same but she bought me a plant and came home with a little more.

We're working on going again soon, the next time we could go we're actually booked up with a gymnastics competition so it will have to be the time after, or we collect and store until spring and try again. Having been once I shall definitely be going again.

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