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Friday, 13 July 2012

Security codes on blog comments

What is it about computer generated codes these days. We have to have codes for everything we do nowadays.
Even on here if we want to leave a comment on someones post we get given a code to enter before being able to either post it or submit it for moderation.
The designers of the site want to make sure that a computer isn't writing the comments! How many people would go to all the effort of programming a computer to leave comments on either their blogs, or random peoples blogs.

And then the codes they give us are at times barely legible. Now they have taken to adding numbers for us to enter too. I was given one the other day that was so blurry that i could only just read it. Now i know i wear glasses, but with them on i do have pretty good vision.

Is the chance of computer generated comments on these sites that high to now need even more codes to ensure we are human, or are the designers just making us do extra work. I really can't fathom it out. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A bit of crafty painting.

This is only part of my crafty painting today. They are a crude representation of feathers painted in bronze ready for making birds wings. The triangle is part of a gold beak and will be added to elastic for children to wear on Sunday.
All of this will become the props for one of the 12 labours that Hercules was set. He had to slay the birds with Bronze wings and gold beaks.

I and my team have organised an event called Interactive Tales of Greek Myths. It is going to be held at Bexhill Museum , we will be having Zeus himself telling the tales, accompanied by his wife Hermes.

Some of the group have been working very hard on getting all the props together and made to represent characters in each of the tales. The children coming to listen will be taking part by acting different parts. We are hoping that it will be well attended and that the children will have some enjoyment and come away remembering some of the tales.

Tomorrow i will be painting more "feathers" and sticking the dry ones on the wings. I'm still not confident that we will have all the props needed and have a feeling that i will be spending all of Saturday making more of them, but in my eyes it will be worth it just to see the children joining in.

Wish me luck in getting it all done in time, and that the event is a success. I will post again with the finished props and how the event finally went. xx

Pamper Day

Today was a good day. I went to a parents activity day run through the PSA (Parents Support Association). They gave me lots of support when i was having trouble with daughters behaviour, and worked with her on a one to one basis in school, with myself one to one and a few times with us together. It helped us enormously on the bonding front and her behaviour improved dramatically.

So today as part of that service was an activity day. All parents who have had a part in their service are invited to come together for the day and be treated to various activities. I had my nails painted, A foot massage, made a window hanger with little mirror tiles on- something i will be able to do with daughter. I also made the first step to losing some much unwanted weight!

Part of the service is also connected to the NHS improve your health. They did my height, and they are the 2nd group of people to tell me i am 5ft 5in. Not bad as i always thought i was 5ft 4in. They did my weight, BMI, Fat % and various other measurements- including strangely enough my balance (?? why i have no idea) All of the mentioned are bad, which i already knew, so i have signed up to have weekly visits to them. My first one is in 2 weeks! not bad because it is at the bottom of my road so i can walk it- part of my much needed exercise.

We were provided with a very lovely lunch, salad and rolls with ham and cheese. Fruit and cream or creme fraiche for dessert. Juice with lunch and as much tea, coffee or juice ans you wanted throughout the day.

All of this was free. And i have to say i really enjoyed myself. Not just because i had some pampering, or that it was free, but because a few months ago i would never have considered doing anything such as this as there would be too many people i didn't know, this would lead me into a panic before i even got there. Not anymore, today, i was relaxed, i chatted to people and even persuaded a lady who was also new to join our little group so she didn't feel left out.

Today i feel was an achievement in many ways. And I'm glad to share it with anyone who pops by here. I will be following this post up with my success (i hope) in getting fitter.

Thanks for reading x 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Making non slip coathangers

I got this idea from someones Else's blog. I can;t remember the name, it was when i very first started and was still working out how to use them, so i take no credit for the idea. I did however remember how do do it and thought i could help my mum and Nana solve a small problem.

All you need is a glue gun. Simple as that.

 All you need to do is run a line of hot glue along the arm of the coat hanger and leave to cool. This will go hard and create a non slip surface on the coat hanger
I hope the video shows how simple it is to do, i may even do this for some of my slippery tops too.

Hopefully now when they have people looking at their items on the rail, the items won't be sliding off the coat hangers.

i am very grateful to the blogger who gave me this idea, and if that person every comes across this post- i thank them very much. Its is so simple yet effective

Review: Don't call me Angel by Alicia Wright Brewster

View DontCallMeAngel.jpg in slide show

Title: Don’t Call Me Angel

Author: Alicia Wright Brewster

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Dragonfairy Press
Publication date: June 2012
Don’t Call Me Angel
By Alicia Wright Brewster
After crawling her way out of Hell, Six is ready to cast aside her angel wings and all the responsibilities that come with them. But Earth is not as peaceful as she imagined it. Demons, dark angels, and other hell-beasties escaped before her, and they're not as content as she is to live a quiet life on Earth.
A fellow angel who escaped Hell with her commits a series of soul-murders, destroying human souls so they can't go to the afterlife. Although Six has conflicting feelings about humans, she goes after the other angel to keep their escape a secret from the one she fears most.


As a YA book i wasn't sure what to expect, i thought to read it with my son and daughter in mind. Personally i thoroughly enjoyed the book, as an adult it was easy reading and as a YA book wasn't very long- i read it in 2 sittings. I feel it was a good introduction to the rest of the series. I wasn't expecting the twist at the end and that has lead me to have questions of how and why. I hope that these will be answered in the next book. I love the dark and light that is explored, and the way the author has taken the story of fallen angels and written it from their point of view. It's not something i had really thought about before.
Thinking of my children, this is the sort of book i can see my daughter really enjoying once she is bigger. My son- although coming to the right age, i can't see him reading it. I feel that this book is geared more for girls.
I want to know what happens next, and would love to read the rest in the series

Friday, 6 July 2012

Guest Post by Jackson Keene, advice for bullies

I was approached the other day about reviewing a book and possible holding a guest post by the Author. My son has suffered at the hands of bullies and i'm sure many readers of my blog have too, so this is a topic close to my heart. I would like to thank him for his request. This post today is handed over to Mr Jackson Keene.

GUEST POST by Jackson Keene, Author of Debut YA novel NOLICHUCK

(NOTE: TJ, our young hero of NOLICHUCK, endures constant bullying at school. He even has problems with ruffians when he travels back in time to the wild frontier days. His story of ultimately overcoming and gaining real confidence is very relevant for youth today who suffer harassment from mean classmates.) 

Are you faced with bullying at school or know students who are? Ways to deal with bullies.

Bullying in schools has seemingly reached epidemic proportions today. This appears especially true in elementary school, middle school, junior high school levels, and even up through senior high. And it's not just the boys who are tormenting their classmates. Girls often are crueler and much more devious than the boys.

Bullying can take many forms. It can be verbal such as taunting, teasing that goes way beyond mere kidding around, false accusations, vicious rumours, ugly slurs, constant unkind statements, making fun of someones appearance or intelligence or lack of material things. It can be emotional such as constantly and publicly humiliating someone, continuously excluding someone from becoming part of an accepted group or popular crowd, derogating someones manhood or womanhood. And it can be physical, including hitting, punching, slapping, kneeing a boy in his private area, shoving, tripping, choking, in the case of girls, pulling hair, yanking on clothes, spitting, biting, kicking, etc.

Whatever form bullying takes and wherever it occurs, bullying kids at school is intolerable behaviour. Unnecessary and unprovoked unkindness is always wrong, no matter what the excuse.

But there are ways students can help protect themselves and deflect bullying actions.

Build a "defence team" around you. The old truism that all bullies are cowards unfortunately is not 100% true. Yes, many bullies are cowardly at heart, and they seek to lash out at weaker prey. But all bullies, whether they're a coward or not, respect power. Two are better than one, three are better than two, four are better than three. Early on, connect with other students who may also be targets of bullying action, and form a protective group. In between classes, in the lunchroom, in the gym, on the playground, etc., keep together as much as possible.
"Believe in yourself" and your good qualities. I'm not saying don't be realistic about areas where you want to improve. We all have things that aren't perfect in ourselves. But spend equal time encouraging yourself in the many areas where you KNOW you have good qualities. Think on all the good traits, skills, and abilities you have. Don't let peer pressure or group mentality or bullying take away your core confidence. You have a lot of innate value. You have dreams and hopes. Don't give those up. Who knows how productive and how fulfilling your life will be in 10, 20 years versus many of those people who are being mean to you right now. Look at the long-range picture and KNOW you'll going to be someone and accomplish good things.
"Stand up" for your innate worth. When confronted by untrue or mean statements, reply calmly, logically, and clearly. State what you know to be true about your self-worth. Don't back down. And never give up on yourself.
Think about taking some type of "martial arts or self-defence" class. I'm not necessarily talking about becoming the Karate Kid here. But learning some basic defence techniques and using them ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY will work wonders in scaring off would-be bullies. I had several fights growing up with bullies. I was always small, highly intelligent (not a good thing in my generation), but feisty, and I never lost a fight with a bully, and in fact had instances where the bully failed to show at the "appointed time" because my bluster apparently scared them off.
"Make allies and be a friend" wherever you can. Even among the more popular kids, you'll find of lot of them have good hearts and real character who'll sympathise with your plight and take up for you. Be a true friend to everyone you can, knowing that real friendship pays dividends. And don't just be a friend to those in power, so to speak. You should go out of your way to be friends with others less fortunate. Help those in need, and you'll find help may be coming back to you!
"Never return evil for evil". It never works out the way you'd hoped. Don't say or do intentionally mean things to get back at bullies or others. Rise above the maddening crowd and be a better person than the bullies who persecute you.

"Make it known". In today's "zero tolerance" environment, it's not only okay but the correct thing to do to notify school administrators and teachers of bullying behaviour. They'll take steps to stop the aggression. In addition, you should confide in others who can give you comfort and guidance: Siblings, family members, friends, acquaintances you can trust, and people at church (if you go). Talking things out always helps, especially if the person has been through some of the same problems in their school days.  

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Catching up

This last week has been catching up time. With son off last week healing his lip i didn't get much done. I also have a new car finally so i can get about again. I have managed to go to Tesco alone, I'm doing the school run for daughter and friends son too.

Saturday was daughter's school summer fair, i went along to help for the first time ever!! This was a big thing for me as i've never had the confidence to do so. The work i have been doing with the psychologist has really paid off. I have been discharged with a future plan. I managed the fair without a panic attack, i managed taking my son to hospital too. I'm really proud of myself. It may seem like a small thing to some people. But to me having lived with a fear of going anywhere unknown without support from someone close to me it was a big thing.
After the fair it was looking for a car and preparing for another friends daughters Birthday party. On arrival i was asked to help sort the food out, serve drinks for the children and generally manage them. not really my job as a guest, but i can always be found organising and sorting in the kitchen where ever i go.
In addition to the helping part i could be found on the dance floor. I taught the children to do the Birdie song dance. After all the children left i carried on dancing- i was the only one on the dance floor for the whole evening. None of the other adult guests there got up at all.
It was a strange 10yr old party. 7.30-9 for the children and then carried on for those who wanted to stay. Mostly friends and family, but none of the family did anything to help with the party. Myself and a friend cleared the plates away after the children had finished eating.

Tomorrow i'm going to Hobby Craft with my Aunt and Best Friend and co creator of Crafty Claires. We are all into crafts, my Aunt is into scrap booking- she's over on holiday from Saudi and buying what she can while here. A lot of our craft materials aren't available over there so she's stocking up while here.

Friday i have the Landlady coming over to do an inspection. I have been here a year now and still have boxes around! I will eventually get them unpacked in time for my next move. I am currently looking for a house nearer my mums. I should be tidying up ready for inspection since that's part of my catching up i have on the list for today. But the Internet keeps calling me back. That and the aching left from antics on Saturday. Even now my legs don't want to work.

So now i best get back to the grind and do more tidying up.....or get some lunch and restore my energy levels.