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Thursday, 12 July 2012

A bit of crafty painting.

This is only part of my crafty painting today. They are a crude representation of feathers painted in bronze ready for making birds wings. The triangle is part of a gold beak and will be added to elastic for children to wear on Sunday.
All of this will become the props for one of the 12 labours that Hercules was set. He had to slay the birds with Bronze wings and gold beaks.

I and my team have organised an event called Interactive Tales of Greek Myths. It is going to be held at Bexhill Museum , we will be having Zeus himself telling the tales, accompanied by his wife Hermes.

Some of the group have been working very hard on getting all the props together and made to represent characters in each of the tales. The children coming to listen will be taking part by acting different parts. We are hoping that it will be well attended and that the children will have some enjoyment and come away remembering some of the tales.

Tomorrow i will be painting more "feathers" and sticking the dry ones on the wings. I'm still not confident that we will have all the props needed and have a feeling that i will be spending all of Saturday making more of them, but in my eyes it will be worth it just to see the children joining in.

Wish me luck in getting it all done in time, and that the event is a success. I will post again with the finished props and how the event finally went. xx

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