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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Catching up

This last week has been catching up time. With son off last week healing his lip i didn't get much done. I also have a new car finally so i can get about again. I have managed to go to Tesco alone, I'm doing the school run for daughter and friends son too.

Saturday was daughter's school summer fair, i went along to help for the first time ever!! This was a big thing for me as i've never had the confidence to do so. The work i have been doing with the psychologist has really paid off. I have been discharged with a future plan. I managed the fair without a panic attack, i managed taking my son to hospital too. I'm really proud of myself. It may seem like a small thing to some people. But to me having lived with a fear of going anywhere unknown without support from someone close to me it was a big thing.
After the fair it was looking for a car and preparing for another friends daughters Birthday party. On arrival i was asked to help sort the food out, serve drinks for the children and generally manage them. not really my job as a guest, but i can always be found organising and sorting in the kitchen where ever i go.
In addition to the helping part i could be found on the dance floor. I taught the children to do the Birdie song dance. After all the children left i carried on dancing- i was the only one on the dance floor for the whole evening. None of the other adult guests there got up at all.
It was a strange 10yr old party. 7.30-9 for the children and then carried on for those who wanted to stay. Mostly friends and family, but none of the family did anything to help with the party. Myself and a friend cleared the plates away after the children had finished eating.

Tomorrow i'm going to Hobby Craft with my Aunt and Best Friend and co creator of Crafty Claires. We are all into crafts, my Aunt is into scrap booking- she's over on holiday from Saudi and buying what she can while here. A lot of our craft materials aren't available over there so she's stocking up while here.

Friday i have the Landlady coming over to do an inspection. I have been here a year now and still have boxes around! I will eventually get them unpacked in time for my next move. I am currently looking for a house nearer my mums. I should be tidying up ready for inspection since that's part of my catching up i have on the list for today. But the Internet keeps calling me back. That and the aching left from antics on Saturday. Even now my legs don't want to work.

So now i best get back to the grind and do more tidying up.....or get some lunch and restore my energy levels.

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