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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pamper Day

Today was a good day. I went to a parents activity day run through the PSA (Parents Support Association). They gave me lots of support when i was having trouble with daughters behaviour, and worked with her on a one to one basis in school, with myself one to one and a few times with us together. It helped us enormously on the bonding front and her behaviour improved dramatically.

So today as part of that service was an activity day. All parents who have had a part in their service are invited to come together for the day and be treated to various activities. I had my nails painted, A foot massage, made a window hanger with little mirror tiles on- something i will be able to do with daughter. I also made the first step to losing some much unwanted weight!

Part of the service is also connected to the NHS improve your health. They did my height, and they are the 2nd group of people to tell me i am 5ft 5in. Not bad as i always thought i was 5ft 4in. They did my weight, BMI, Fat % and various other measurements- including strangely enough my balance (?? why i have no idea) All of the mentioned are bad, which i already knew, so i have signed up to have weekly visits to them. My first one is in 2 weeks! not bad because it is at the bottom of my road so i can walk it- part of my much needed exercise.

We were provided with a very lovely lunch, salad and rolls with ham and cheese. Fruit and cream or creme fraiche for dessert. Juice with lunch and as much tea, coffee or juice ans you wanted throughout the day.

All of this was free. And i have to say i really enjoyed myself. Not just because i had some pampering, or that it was free, but because a few months ago i would never have considered doing anything such as this as there would be too many people i didn't know, this would lead me into a panic before i even got there. Not anymore, today, i was relaxed, i chatted to people and even persuaded a lady who was also new to join our little group so she didn't feel left out.

Today i feel was an achievement in many ways. And I'm glad to share it with anyone who pops by here. I will be following this post up with my success (i hope) in getting fitter.

Thanks for reading x 

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  1. Well done you! I am so proud of you! Glad you had a great day.