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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Making non slip coathangers

I got this idea from someones Else's blog. I can;t remember the name, it was when i very first started and was still working out how to use them, so i take no credit for the idea. I did however remember how do do it and thought i could help my mum and Nana solve a small problem.

All you need is a glue gun. Simple as that.

 All you need to do is run a line of hot glue along the arm of the coat hanger and leave to cool. This will go hard and create a non slip surface on the coat hanger
I hope the video shows how simple it is to do, i may even do this for some of my slippery tops too.

Hopefully now when they have people looking at their items on the rail, the items won't be sliding off the coat hangers.

i am very grateful to the blogger who gave me this idea, and if that person every comes across this post- i thank them very much. Its is so simple yet effective

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