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Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Although i haven't been blogging of late i haven't forgotten or stopped permanently.
Things have been tough in our house and very hectic.
I am determined to get back down to it regularly in the New Year.

In the meantime i thought i would leave you all with the Warmest Christmas Wishes, and hopes that the New Year brings in everything that you all wish for.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mums on strike latest no 3

Its been about a week since i went on strike due to the children arguing and refusing to co-operate with help around the house. The same night i talked the them about it and started the strike son backed down. See Mums on strike posts 1 and 2.

We set up a chart and i warned the children i would go back on strike and that almost happened again today. If it hadn't been for family friends coming for lunch and a short visit i would have been. The day started wonderfully, i had a cup of tea brought to me in bed and had a play with Yoda before getting up. Both children started to help me tidy the dining room and find the table so we could all sit and eat round it.
I started the lunch and asked them to wash up. That was it- world war 3 broke out yet again! Neither of them were prepared to do it. Yet again i took myself to the sofa, sat down, and refused to do anything. Youngest started moaning that she was the only one doing anything to tidy up, and son was moaning that he was always the one picked on to do the work.

While this is going on I'm reminding them of the agreement we all signed and refused to carry on with anything until they worked together to sort the washing up.

The whole sage continued until friends were due in an hour, I had to get on with the dinner or we would have nothing and they had a very long drive back to Cornwall. I don't know whether that changed things or they both came to their senses but they carried on tidying, and eventually some of the washing up got done by son, then i did some and then daughter finished it off.

They can never bring themselves to do the greasy dishes so i have that wonderful job tomorrow as i couldn't face it tonight.

We will be entering our 2nd week of the new rota and I'm hoping we will get into our stride and it will flow better so the arguments drop even more.

Until then its a case of carry on counting....