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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Blog silence

I have of late been very quite on here. I've been busy trying to get my craft stocks built up I readiness for fathers day and end of school. Although I have a very meagre supply, I am only doing one craft fair before fathers day, so this Saturday i'm hoping I have enough little bits. I've made them all so they are pocket money items ideal for children who want to use their own money to buy something special.

On top of that we had our first Championship show a the Newbury Show ground with the puppies. Both of them did very well. Yoda was in a class of 12 and was shortlisted amongst the final 6. He wasn't chosen for a placing but for his first champ show we were very impressed. This was also on a day when he didn't perform to his best.
His sister was in a round of 13 bitches and the judge when going over her commented on how glossy her coat was, she asked whether she was given cod liver oil or was it the food. My friend replied that she was raw fed and the judge was very pleased, she apparently is of the same mind and she's in her 80's. Unfortunately Shelby didn't making the shortlist but the judge spent a long time dithering over her and another dog. It was like splitting hairs for both of them. Overall despite not qualifying for crufts in this show we were both pleased with our babies.
It was however a very long and tiring day for us all. We were up at 5 and on the road shortly after 6. The judging started at 10 and we didn't know how early we our class would be in the ring. It was roughly a 300 mile round trip for me to drive, and the longest single way drive I have done in years.

My time is also being taken up preparing for our largest craft fair so far on the 6th of July. We are working with Rye College to raise funds for their PTFA by running a craft fair and fun dog show. My friend and breeder is a show organiser, she has judged shows too and is the driving force behind the dog show side of things.
I have forms for table bookings arriving daily and there are boxes with sponsor gifts for the dog show arriving at the same time. Its getting manic here in some ways. I'm not sure where i'm going to put all the stuff. My craft things already take up a lot of the space.

Looking at my diary for this month I have something booked on every day except fathers day weekend and part of the last weekend of the month. Obviously on fathers day I have to go and see my Dad, so that's the Saturday out as well.

The day before the Craft fair i'll be going to see Bon Jovi in London with a friend and we will be getting back very late! I can't wait. I've been to see him 5 times now and never tire of the bands performances. I only missed the last time he was touring here because he was at the O2 arena and they charge a fortune for seats where he would be the size of a pin head. I'm not paying £150+ to see that. These tickets weren't what I call cheap but they were a lot less than that. Have I said I can't wait!!! I'm getting so excited. I will be writing a blog on the event and posting pictures once I have loaded them to my laptop.

Anyway enough waffling. I need to get my beauty sleep ready for another busy day.

Sleep well dear readers

Yoda 23 weeks old fast asleep xxx