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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


In the last few weeks i seem to have spent a considerable amount of time up our local hospital. Some may know that i have recently been going for treatment for panic attacks. This has been on a weekly basis. Added to this i have been spending an increasing time at A&E for my son and his lip. He has a Papiloma Granuloma on his lip and it keeps bursting.
It will bleed and over the last few weeks it as been hard to get it to stop. On the Jubilee weekend we we're at A&E for 3 hours while we got it treated, it had been bleeding for a total of 5 hours that day. Since then we have has intermittent bleeds but have been able to stop them.

Two nights ago it started and 7pm and by 8 it was pouring through the pads in seconds, so off we went up to Casualty. The wait was supposedly 5 hours long. They tried the same treatment as last time and this disintegrated within minutes. We then sat for another few hours until they came to check whether that had worked. Eventually we were seen by a Dr who called through to the on call Maxilofacial Dr for advice. my son was given a tablet and we were asked to go over to another Casualty to see the on call Dr.
It was almost 2am by this time. and we were all very tired. My poor son was struggling to stay awake and was really fed up. Typically we got to the other hospital and the bleeding had stopped.
We got sent home! Again with nothing done. We have more tablets and pads to stem the bleeding and advice if it should happen again.

We are now waiting for Monday when they finally removed said lump. Fingers crossed things will calm down after that. Then i will be posting more regularly again.

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