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Friday, 1 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Jaunt, part 1

Tomorrow is Bexhill Museum's Diamond Jubilee Jaunt. This is an event my team and i came up with as a fund raiser. All the walkers have to be sponsored and are encouraged to wear either red, white and blue or dress up in historical costume. On my last check we had 9 people registered to walk, all i can do is hope that people turn up on the day and join us.
We will be having collection buckets for the children to shake along the way, so i'm hoping we will pick up some extra money from the general unsuspecting public on the promenade.
I have arranged to borrow my Nana's buggy and have a few flags to decorate it with!!! I've been told i can go in from and lead the procession. It could be interesting with only a few people. I just hope that it doesn't rain or it won't be a very nice walk.

I will follow this up in the next few days with some pictures and a final result. fingers crossed for us now. x

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