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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Book Review: The Last Of The Rings – Book One of The Vampire Awakening By Celeste Walker

This is more of a short story book and is aimed at Teens to early adult. I have to say that i enjoyed it and found that i was sorry when it ended, i was drawn in to the characters as it is written form the Vampire perspective and in a different way. These vampires are living in the human world and feed on deer blood. Yes it gives a Twighlight feeling to it, but so far it is still unique to other books of this sort i have read.
My only criticism on it would be the sexual content of the book. Not the fact that it has any because that does add to the personal side of the story, but the graphicness of it. Personally for me it is too graphic, and i'm not sure i would want my teenager reading it. That said of course teenagers at school would probably talk as graphically anyway.
Overall i would like to read the next book and see how the story develops. There are many ways the Authos can take the story on from here, from the human/vampire approach to the vampire/ dark vampire side of life.

I would give this short story a 4/5 rating.

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