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Monday, 11 June 2012

Why me?????

Yes its a Why me? Whinge today.

Two weeks ago i fell and sprained my ankle at my mums, basically my left ankle gave way and i crumpled. I've rested as much as i can, but having a son with a perpetually bleeding lip and 4 trips to different hospital depts on different days hasn't helped the resting.
The foot has got more painful and this afternoon it "cracked" while in the kitchen. So thinking on the safe side i called the out of hours dr who said go A+E for an x-ray. As it turns out i've just ripped the tendons.
It is just typical though, i know after you've had a sprain there is a weakness in the same area, but i seem to be having a great deal of bad luck right now with my health and my children's. I really am not impressed.
This week i am saying sod it to any work that needs doing round the house and i am doing as hospital said- resting with foot elevated all the time! In real terms that will be about 60% of the time as the other 40% will be sorting the children out with dinner and nagging them to help, while having to check that they have done as asked.
I will however be able to get a lot of my knitting done to finish off. So i guess i shouldn't whinge too much- i can't say i haven't had time to do lots of it.

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