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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Book host and give away!

It doesn't take much to please me. I have just received an e-mail asking if i would review and consider hosting a book give away too.

This is so exciting. I have never done it before and am not sure i know how, but i will learn and love taking on new things. Some people my scoff at this and think- but its not hard. Well they haven't met me.  In my 1st job as a "big grown up" i was able to crash the computer i used more than anyone else in the office. It was a standing joke that if a new system needed testing- let me loose on it! This may give you a little understanding of what i am like with technology :-)

So back to the subject- i will when i know more details of how to work the give away be hosting it. To me the book sounds interesting so i will be reviewing it as well. In the meantime i have another book that arrived yesterday to review first. So in order of arrival, this will have to wait.

I feel quite honoured to have so many people asking me to review books for them. Is that because they have read my reviews so far? or am i being naive and they have just picked me from a long list of people who has said they are willing to read for review? either way it gives me pleasure, which i hope in turn gives others pleasure.

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