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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beautiful Blogger award.

I received a beautiful blogger award from a friend the other day. And i have to say the reason she put on her blog made me smile and gave me tears. These are her details

As my continuation of this i will share 7 facts about myself;
1. I constantly put myself down, and can't see that ever changing, I'm never happy with what i do or even myself.
2. I love anything mythical- Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns etc...
3. I would like to say that i have one passion, but i love too many things so i would be lying.
4. I envy people who have tidy houses- this is something i will never achieve as i am too disorganised and generally messy. Some may say lazy since a lot of the time its a simple case of a 5 min job.
5. I always wonder why people would want to read about my life- i can't see that its very interesting.
6. My children are the best things i have ever created.
7. I have always had a yearning to be asked to be a Godmother to someone.

There we go, that was something that i thought would be easy, but trying to pick out facts about myself that were different was not easy.

Now onto my nominations for this award;

1. My wonderful friend for being just that.
2. My amazing mum, who i cannot thank enough for everything.
3. For introducing me to blogging.
4. One of my fav blogs to follow.
5. This friend is amazing, i absolutely love her fabrics. she is the first person i turn to for antique fabric or items i am looking for. She is a fountain of knowledge and an inspiration.
6. Although i don't know this lady personally, she is the cousin of a friend and i find that she is a breat inspiration to others, i love reading the challenges she sets herself, and her milestones
7. Annie introduced me to Monthly makes, i managed a few and since then got too busy, but i love reading the monthly makes non the less.

So there we go, all my fav blogs to follow, and now i pass the baton onto them.

This is what to do now:

Put down seven facts about yourself,

You link to the blog of the person who nominated you,

You link to seven bloggers who you think deserve the award,

You let those bloggers know they have been nominated.

 Simple as that. I look forward to reading your facts xx


  1. Hi, I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Have a look on my blog to find out why! XX

  2. Hi Claire.
    Just dropping in to see how you are. :)

    1. Hi hun,
      I'm good. Just letting my foot rest up, trying to do crafts while doing so and reading reviews for people. How are you? I drop in and read your blog when you have a new post! Had a good chuckle at one recently, it really cheered my day x