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Monday, 21 May 2012


I've been running on empty for the last few weeks so much that on saturday when we went for our monthly reiki share, i was having my treatment and fell asleep. Then later on after our cuppa and biscuit we did a guided meditation on swimming with Dolphins- I fell asleep again. I wasn't doing to well on staying away saturday.
Once home i had a cuppa with mum, we ruminated on the afternoon and i struggled to stay awake. She sent me off to bed around 5, i slept for a few hours before watching tv for a few and going back off to bed for another 9 hours solid sleep, i think the only thing that woke me was my bladder.
Sunday wasn't much better, i pottered most of the morning trying to tidy up, then went to ESK and got some craft bits that were needed, some plastic boxes for my material and craft fair bits, came home and watched some tv and again struggled to stay awake. I had a bath and almost fell asleep. After that i caught up on some e-mails i needed to send and went off to bed. This morning i slept again once the children left til 9.30, got up for some tidying (something that has been severely lacking in my house of late) and spent the day yawning. Saw some friends and now after dinner sitting here i'm really tired again.

Its not even a tiredness you can explain, well not to the average person. Someone with CF would understand as it is very similar. Its the sort of tiredness that makes you feel like you have huge weights hanging off your limbs, or even as if you're moving in a gel like substance so you're getting lots of resistance every time you try to do something. Its Horrible, your brain is in a daze and nothing sound right, words come our in a jumble, and the spelling in this is being corrected more than i am moving forward with the typing.

I know it is because i have overdone everything again, and i need to cut back on things. But what do i cut back on. I love my crafts, sewing, knitting and i do these a little at a time in turn. I love going to craft fairs and get a thrill out of people liking my creations. I love volunteering for the museum, and organising the events, i get a real buzz out of seeing it all come together. I love my re-enactments, i've been doing them for over half my life and although the build up to it all is stressful i relax it when i am there.

So i really have no idea what i should give up, except i have to give up or cut back on something because i am suffering and soon my children will be too. Its taken me over a year to get to a relatively good state of health and if i don't do something soon i will ruin that and it will all have been for nothing. Certainly gives me something to ponder on.


  1. I hope this cheers you, Claire. I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. See
    for details. All the best, my friend.

    1. Scarlett,
      You are amazing. thank you very much xxx

  2. Hope by now you're feeling better.
    I found you through bookblogs and I'm following you.

    1. Thank you very much, I always appreciate new followers and any feedback friends give me. If you have a blog please let me know and i will check it out Cx