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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bad Week.

Following on from my post on admitting mistakes, the answer i received after a few weeks was not good.
Since then i have had more bad news. Something that has led on to another like ripples on a pond.
They say that these things come in 3's- Who is "They" and How did "They" decide this. Well whoever it was i wish "They" hadn't, it has set a trend, and although the happy thoughts i had been thinking have been dashed, so far i have not been told about the 3's saying by any friends, but I'm waiting for it. I am however quite lucky because i haven't really told many people. And those i have told only knew/know part of it.

Yes, you're thinking I'm being cryptic, but for some things i have to be, i don't really like to show everything at once. I know that may sound distrustful, but i have learnt through bitter experience not to be. Its not a nice thing because on the whole i am a very trusting person, and i don't like to be guarded about things. It goes against my nature. I will i hope learn to be trusting again.

Lastly I also hope that the bad news today is the worst of what i am to receive this week.

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