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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I've gone and done it again...

I just can't help myself. Monday while unloading the car form our very hot but relaxing weekend at Baddlesmere re-enactment my ankle gave way and i crumpled to the ground.
I fell on my bum, and just missed the step i was coming down from. This i feel was very fortunate since i have a problem with my coccyx and could see that being damaged rather a lot if i had caught the step. So i suppose i should be saying"Luckily" i only sprained my left ankle. And yes it is again because it was only last September when i last sprained it.
So here i am on crutches again! I was just beginning to get my house organised and now it is going to be even worse while i can't do anything for weeks.
To make matters worse, i have organised a Diamond Jubilee Jaunt in aid of our local museum. The walk is sponsored, and although i am not sponsored i do have to be there as the organiser. I will now be going on my Nana's Motorised Buggy!!!! I secretly or not so secretly always wanted to go on one of those, but seeing as i can walk limited distance with and without my stick i haven't bothered. Now i have a justified excuse to use one- Yippee.

I have also discovered through this who my real supporters at the Museum are. Because i am Head of Events at the Museum, i chair the meetings and on Thursday we have one to run through all the safety aspects of the walk. Now normally my wonderful mum and minute taker for the meeting would give me a lift, or my great friend Claire unfortunately they are unable to attend the meeting. I therefor sent an e-mail out to all the Event team members explaining the situation and asking if any of them could give me a lift to the meeting, Not one single reply! None of them have sent apologies to say they can't make it, and i know the e-mail has been received as both my mum and Claire have mentioned it to me. So i had to resort to calling the Museum and talking to the Deputy CEO and telling her the problem. The solution presented itself in our wonderful cleaner, she is a lovely lady who has also offered to come and collect me after her shift and take me to the meeting, i will early, but that is no problem as i have a few things i can be doing. but how touching for me, she is going out of her way to come after work collect me and then go back to work.

I really know who is supportive of me in the team and who isn't now. I can't be too nasty as i do have some members without cars- and that is obviously fair enough, but its very hard to get on a bus for me anyway with my panic attacks, but crutches too! NOT happening, Taxi some might say- would cost me at least £6 from my house, a lot that i don't have.

Oh well, human nature i guess, some people will always put themselves out for you and others just won't.
I'm now wondering how they will all be with me at the meeting- Maybe that will form the content of another blog post.

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