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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Book Review: Billy and the Monster who loved to fart by David Chuka


Billy loves Monster and Monster loves Billy. They play together. They have a bath together.They even go to school together. There's just one thing that threatens to spoil their friendship.

Monster loves to Fart!

Will Monster make Billy the uncoolest kid at school? Will Monster cause an irreparable hole in the Ozone layer? Will Monster and Billy both learn how to behave properly in a social environment?

This book deals with friendship, doing things in moderation, behaving properly in social situations and is very funny. You will have a blast reading this children book filled with great pictures and jokes with and to your little ones

My Thoughts:

This book is designed in my opinion for children of 3-6. With cartoon style pictures the child is able to follow along as you read, the words are large print so as they learn letters they can start to follow the words too.

This was read to a 3 year old boy, who absolutely loved it and wanted to go back and read it again. The whole mention of the word 'fart' has most children laughing and gets them interested in what is being said and in this case it was the same. He was laughing along happily and couldn't wait to fine out what happened next.

As a child's book i give this 5/5.

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