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Friday, 30 March 2012

What a day

Where do i start with today, firstly i was running a little late thanks to the human waste system!
Picked my friend up 10 mins late ready for our "big day out". We were off to Lewis for research and some pottering. The research was on our local War Memorial for her dissertation, she is looking at how War Memorials are viewed and how this has changed since WWI and then before and after WWII, up to the early 1980's. If you would like to follow her blog it can be found at

Before we got there we sat stuck in the traffic watching a lamb and mother in a field, the lamb was chewing at the grass then it looked like it was spitting it out and rubbing its face as if to say 'i don't think much of this stuff' It was funny to watch. When we got to the start of the queue we could see that there had been an accident. Someone had gone into the back of a police incident van. The front of the car was crumpled in and the windscreen smashed, we both hop that the driver and any passengers weren't seriously hurt. I did however comment that there was a large lot of irony to the whole thing, by going into the back of a police incident van they did indeed cause rather an incident, 3 ambulances, 2 police cars and an unmarked police car were in attendance. The queue was at least 2 miles long on the opposite side.

After looking through original papers and letters from various locals to the sculptor and the Mayor of Bexhill in 1919-21 we had our lunch on a bench in the sunshine, the archives are housed behind Anne of Cleves house and very near the castle so this was our view at the time

Lewis Castle

After lunch we decided since we'd got everything done we wanted to we would go for a walk and see if we could find where another friend has some antiques. Unfortunately we didn't manage that on this occasion but we did manage to find a lovely craft shop selling quilting fabrics and sewing things. We bought some panels for cot quilts so we can get them sorted for our next craft fair. These will be added to the selection of Crafty Claire's table offerings. If you fancy following our blog there then please go to we would love to see you there.

To top the day off we were almost home and my car started making a strange noise, i drove straight to my lovely mechanic to have it listened to. We had to laugh when he put his ear up to a long screwdriver and told me to rev the engine, after doing this a few times he said hmm and looked underneath, tapped it a few times and told me what i had already feared.... He thought it was the turbo charger going. And it could blow up any time, making big big bang and loads of smoke! Follow that with a very large bill. How he could tell from listen at the end of a screwdriver i'll never know, but he's never been wrong about anything to do with my cars in the far too many years i've known him so i trust his advice. My car is therefore not being driven anymore and i will be car less very soon.
That my friends will be another long and very sad story as i rely on my car, not only for where i live, but as some of you because i can't walk that far, neither can i carry heavy bags so my life will be turned upside down. as they say in gone with the wind " Tomorrow is another day" And that is when i shall think about sorting it, or better still maybe Monday.


  1. Well, Claire the only thing I can say is
    "Smile, tomorrow is the today you worried about yesterday."

    And you're right tomorrow is another day and it will probably be a better one.

  2. Lol, I agree it was better the following day, all of the week was very hectic.