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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday- Family day

Today was a day with the children.
We went swimming together, i managed 4 lengths. Some friends were there too and we played Piggy in the middle with her youngest.

After swimming we went to Mum's for dinner and while there both my two, my mum and myself were sitting there with our respective knitting. It made a lovely picture.

I'm really pleased that they both like crafts, its something that we all have in common. Although my son wouldn't like to admit it. At the age of 12 almost 13 the idea of his "mates" knowing he can weave, knit and sew is embarrassing. Having said that i'm not sure how he'll hide it after tomorrow, they start their half term of textiles! He will have to pretend to be really bad at it if he doesn't want them knowing.

Tomorrow is Monday and back to normal routine.