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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mobile blogging 2

Finally after going all round the houses and searching forever- As i said i would have to i have discovered that unless you are with O2 or Orange you can't blog from mobile as it is not supported.
I am with Tesco. Why don't they put that somewhere easy to reach instead of having to go through the help forum, then answer all the questions only to have to look up your country and discover that the answer is no.

That will teach me for choosing a network with a cheap package for all my needs!!!

This now means that i won't be able to take a snap post it and instantly record my thoughts. I will have to try and remember what i was thinking of putting at the end of the day, when if you're like me you are tired and any minimal brain function you had at the start of the day has been sapped by work/kids/bills/house stuff etc...



  1. make a note when you think of it, you always managed before smae as me

  2. I'm with orange but I haven't a clue how to blog on my phone, or if it will do it anyway. I'm sure it will because it's an Android but I'd much rather use the computer to write a blog post.

    CJ x