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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sea Mist

Today was one of those odd days we sometimes get with the weather and living by the sea.
I went upstairs to my room for something and looking out the window noticed that there was a mist hanging over Hastings being an odd person i took a picture by leaning out of the window. As it was blowing in all the birds suddenly took to the sky and were calling madly, OK i could only really hear all the gulls, then as quickly as they had started they all disappeared, it seemed that they had flown over the front of the house as if heading inland.

It hasn't come out that well on the pictures, but you can definitely see a change in the mist when comparing the top and bottom picture. They were taken only around 5 Min's apart. It blew up that quickly, and then within half an hour it has gone again. The mist never reached my house that's how quick it went.

I love how magical it appears to be when we get days like that. Not so great for all the Emergency services. Just after i took the last picture and went to lie down i could hear a number of various sirens coming from various 999 calls racing down the main sea road.

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