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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Busy Sunday

Today was a very busy day. Up at 9am to sort space for Daughters new bed- She managed to break her other one when a friend came for tea.
We collected that, took the old one apart and loaded it in the car along with an old t.v. and few other bits. Then drove to Mums to collect her rubbish and off to the tip. We had a lovely sing song in the sunshine while waiting in the queue.
Following this we did some shopping at our Supermarket and mum dropped me off home. By this time it was 2.30. I sorted some washing (my 3rd load of the day) Got the 2 dry loads in from the line and sat down for a well deserved cuppa.
Son arrived home at 3.15 ready for swimming. I put 3rd load of washing in tumbler this time and off we went to the pool.
Son swimming.

Swimming was fun, i swam 5 lengths, helped son with his technique and played ball with him, I naturally had to go in the deep end and spent most of that time swimming after the ball.
Coming home we made bangers and mash with beans! Yummy, although daughter as usual didn't like my mash.

All in all this week I've done Zumba and 2 swimming sessions, but I'm sure with the chasing after the ball in both sessions I've swam the equivalent of 20 lengths or more. Lets hope it helps tone me up and lose some weight. The scales certainly didn't say a nice figure this weekend.

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