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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Craft days

The last two days have been wonderful and sunny and I've wanted and really should have been in the garden doing the weeding and sowing seen. At this rate I'll never have any veg to accompany my onions later this year.

Instead I've been very good and I've spent both mornings sewing my 1890's corset and the afternoons knitting a shawl for my next craft fair. I call it a shawl, but in fact it was meant to be one of those ratty neck scarves that come as triangles. The fact is that its grown rather a lot more than i thought for the stitches i cast on, so instead its going to be a what i will call a ratty shawl. Basically because its made from various different textured and thicknesses of wool on large needles. So far its looking different. I will post pictures once its finished.

The corset is in early stages ,still, I've sewn the basic shape and the main boning pockets. Now i am getting sorted to sew the front and rear fastenings on and then sew on the rest of the boning pockets. The final stage will be to insert all the bones and sew on the binding and any lace to make it pretty. Then the really hard work begins as i have to finish the rest of the costume and that's the part that everyone will see!

Until then i am beavering away at getting more things done for my craft table in 2 weeks and the costumes for 6 weeks (only 2 children's and finish 2 adults costumes to go- Help!!!)


  1. the hard part may be getting into the corset....bedposts required I believe!

  2. Could be interesting getting into it on my own on the morning of the day out. May be calling on some help!