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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sacralidge to books

I bought a second hand book from Amazon the other day and it arrived yesterday. Having a flick through it i discovered what i consider the worst thing you can do to a book. The previous owner had turned the corners of the page down to use as a book mark.
How could they?! Imagine treating something so wonderful like that?!
I consider book as precious things, they need treating with respect, now i know i am not the only one who thinks that.
Who else feels like this about corner turning? It makes me want to shout at people.
I always use a slim bookmark of flat piece of paper, i even try to read the book without creasing the spine, i worry about breaking it and the pages falling out. In this day with books not having the leather binding this happens a lot easier.
Sorry about that rant over now.


  1. You know I totally agree! I hate it when people abuse books. Turning down corners or even worse underlining bits they want to return to!! I also try not to break the spine when I read a book and I hate it when you see people reading on the train and they have bent the pages back on each other!!! Why can't people respect their books? Grrr!

  2. ooops, I always turn over page corners whenever and whatever I read, it just seems the most natural thing to do, what page corners were made for ;-)

  3. OOOO have i started a riot lol