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Monday, 5 March 2012

Mobile Blogging.

Time for a moan,
I've read in lots of places that blogspot is easy to use and anyone can do it! If that right then why did it take me 2 months to work out how to create pages, and now despite following all the intructions on the site and on the help page and trying in 3 different ways to be able to connect my phone so i can blog from that can i still not do it. All i'm getting is unable to send as a response from my phone. So the details that blogspot have on their help page are actually no help at all!!!
Surely i'm not the only person who isn't particularily computer literate, and who wants to blog about their day in an easy manner.

My plan for this evening was to set up mobile blogging so i could upload 2 pictures form today and write about them.

But now instead i have 2 options- 2 go to all the hassle of getting the cable and loading the pictures to my laptop, then retrieving and laoding them to here, or go on a hunt for hours looking into how i can actually set it up on my phone and then do it form there.

This then leads to the next maon- The idea that phones that do everyhting are supposed to make our lives easier, well so far i've had my all singing all dancing one for exactly 1 day and i can safely say, that it eats power and has made things more difficult.

I'm now wondering is all this worth it considering that people actually don't really care what i write!

Hmpf. Moan over.


  1. I care what you write and I read it and follow it most days. don't despait you can always take it back and say it doesn't do what it says on the tin!

  2. We do care what you write! Don't give up!