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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mind blank

Why is it that you think of so many different subjects to write about in separate blog posts and then when it comes down to it one of the following happens- the witty title disappears from your mind, you don't get time to blog before something new comes along to blog about, you forget altogether. Well in this instance its all 3 for me.

On Monday a the end of a hard day i was too tired to blog, yesterday i was too ill, and today my mind has gone blank. I will however do my best to be witty, remember all the details and luckily i'm just tired today not ill!

Monday i was going in to the Museum for a couple of hours to get some Events work done. I hadn't even got up and i had a call from a friend telling me my daughter had turned up at her house. I had sent her to school on an Inset day! I blame my daughter for this since she didn't give me the last newsletter before Easter. This was the one that told us of the extra day off. So my plans changed, i was to be going to the Museum for a short while and then collecting her.

As with everything concerning me, this didn't happen. I finally collected her from friend at 3.30, i had got to the Museum at 10.30. I had done everything i needed to do and then there was an incident. I stayed to offer support and as a witness i also had to write a report for HR.
Then i had to talk to the CEO who hadn't been in first thing when i was doing everything i needed to. I was exhausted and starving when i left there, i hadn't taken any lunch since i wasn't staying for lunch- a mistake i won't make again. I will always ensure i have food with me. I now can't complain that nothing exciting happens when i'm there. Normally it happens when i'm not- I feel privileged in a small way. I'm sure the recipients of the incident don't feel this way though.

To check out the musuem follow the link here :     Bexhill Museum

Tuesday as i said i was ill, probably brought on by Monday overdoing it and still not really being over my bug.

Today was general day, took a friend to the hospital and then did some sewing on our Victorian costumes. so nothing too special.

Tomorrow will be Events meeting- we have an opening for a new collection display which i have to organise the refreshments and food for, and the events team need to have some people there helping other than me. I am hoping we can get on with some events planning since the year is going at a rapid rate and we haven't really done any fund raising so far.

And for something that was a mind blank just now this post has grown quite large- strange how once you start you can't stop.


  1. I am just getting to know your blog.I would like to know if you still engage book reviews.

    I can see you copies of my amazon books for free to read and review.

    They are basically short stories.

    1. Hi Chi,
      Yes i still do book reviews. My latest has just been posted. you are welcome to contact me at and we can discuss it further.

      Regards Claire