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Friday, 13 April 2012

Mexican standoff (2)

I decided to do a quick follow to the Mexican Standoff post from yesterday.

The standoff continued right through into the afternoon. Son was adamant that he was not going to change room back round. He sat in his room playing individual strings and making up tunes on his guitar. (He has only just started learning to play) After a few hours of this as all you parents are probably aware, it gets very annoying. But he seemed to be happy enough and i wasn't going to give in.

The standoff finally dissolved after 5 hours of him alternately moaning and playing the guitar. I made a small compromise and said that if he moved the bed back and tidied his room properly i would put a blind up his room. He has curtains but his excuse for changing the bed was to shut out light (it would make no difference the way he had it, but what matters to him is he thought it would).

what he hasn't realised as yet is that at the rate he tidies his room the blind will be going up this time next year! It is enough of a battle to get him to do his clothes when they are washed and folded, without the rest of the room.

I believe i win that one with a small victory. He feels he had a victory too, and in a small way he did. The important part of it all is that we are both happy. The afternoon ended with him downstairs playing his guitar where the noise couldn't affect me as much and i could continue resting.


  1. Interesting blogsite! Thanks for your comments! I'm following you back!

    1. Thank you Freya, i have also ordered your book and am awaiting its arrival iminently.

  2. Kids bedrooms are a nightmare. I'm sure I wasn't so untidy when I was younger! Amy's bedroom is a complete tip and I'm fed with with asking her to tidy it. People tell me it's normal and so I just close her door and hope she doesn't break anything else when she opens it!

    CJ x