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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Infection and fibromyalgia

This morning i finally called the Dr. I've been ill all over Easter and despite telling myself each day that this is the worst day and tomorrow i'll start feeling better that wasn't happening. Instead my cold has travelled from my throat to my nose to above my eyes.
I now have anti- biotics. I hope they start working soon.

The point of this post, normally at this point in a virus of any sort i would be in agony and i'm not. I've touched lots of wood to be certain, but i've been expecting it for 4 days now. The thing with Fibromyalgia is that a flare up come on for the slightest of reasons. In my case normally if i have overdone things, i am getting ill or during illness. Too much stress will also cause a flare up.
On this occasion nothing has happened. Something i am very happy about.
I can only put it down to new Happy pills. I was recommended them by the Rheumatologist last year and we decided to wait until the weather was better before changing my routine. So far (fingers crossed) it has worked. I am generally not getting as much pain as i was.

As a drawback i am more drained and tired. If that's all it is i can live with that.

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