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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mexican Standoff ensues

Imagine if you please: Big bad Mum on one side trying to enforce her rule over the house and on the other obstinate son stubbornly refusing to do as told.
All you parents have been there and done that.

This morning started i thought fairly OK, the children were both in sons room talking quietly and clunking at something. It is 7am and the clunking gets louder. I lie there and listen for a while and discover they are tidying the room. Good job i think Son has finally listened to me. Then i realise the tidying involves moving his room around. Not such a good job i think. So being a mean mum i left them to it til 8.20 before finally getting up and going in.

Moving the room around consisted of turning the bed from in the middle of the room to still there but having the feet touching the wardrobe doors. I should explain, the wardrobe has sliding doors, but inside is also a set of 6 drawers- How will he open these you ask? That was my next statement after telling him to turn it back round again. I only use the top 2, and you can climb on the bed to get to them and to put clothes away. I am not going to climb on the bed to put clothes away (its a double bed). Son says he will. I have to laugh at this since he doesn't do that now!

So we have a stand off. Big Bad mum saying bed has to be moved back and room tidied, and Son saying no he won't. Son is now banished to room until it is moved. He will be in there all day, off to school and back in there straight after. Out for meals and that is it. We'll see how long it lasts and who wins.
I must add Son is 12 and yes trying to assert independence. Yes its his room, but he has to be practical too. I'm willing to listen and had he asked first i would have made suggestions to compromise. but not now. He has to understand that as mum i am still boss no matter how old he is.

The joys of them turning into teenagers.

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  1. so big bad mum how is it going or are you still at Stalemate?