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Monday, 2 April 2012

Sewing, Sewing and teaching

Wow today has been exhausting. I had arranged for a friend to come round to sew costumes for Victorian school trip. She herself can't sew and i said i would help, but wasn't going to do all of it for her. Not with mine and Daughters to do as well, and mine needs to be as authentic as i can manage for various reasons. Anyway, we've had a few sessions on them so far and today was for the girls costumes as i need them there for fittings. So 10 there she is with her two girls and hubby, daughter was still in PJ's and i was dressed but Faffing as i do in the mornings.
We start to crack on with where we left off on our last session, and by 11.30, the granddaughters from a couple of doors down come and play too, so i now have 5 children in my garden. I'm trying to cut out and pin different parts and keep a check on friend who is now trying to master the art of Zig-Zig in straight line and cutting in straight line. She's never attempted sewing other than buttons.

Nice part was we had picnic lunch in the sun in garden. Children including those form two doors down sat on picnic blanket while we had the table. My friend had bought some bits and i had some bits and it was relaxing. The whole lot was devoured in minutes.

Then it was back to the sewing, and to add to it another friend came round for a cuppa, so mow i'm trying to concentrate on sewing, teaching and listening to friend. what a challenge for my poor brain, which was by this time was very frazzled.

In the end after 6 hours of sewing and trying to teach and concentration i had to hold my hands up and say i've had enough. I was exhausted and needed to sleep. Friend who had come for cuppa had already seen that and said she'd go home. And then other friend got children to tidy up and half hour later they left.
I then went to bed leaving daughter the the children from two doors down watching a dvd. I slept for about an hour.

It is lovely having the help with the costumes, but i've come to the conclusion that it doesn't always help, some parts get done quicker, but for me my brain is more challenged. I work in a certain way and i have to think about simplifying it. For other things i can do, but sfr sewing i've never had to it just happens if that makes sense.

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