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Monday, 23 April 2012

Book Review for Tots100: the Land of the Painted caves by Jean M Auel

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This for me is the much longed for final book in "The Earth's Children" series by Jean M Auel. And i have to say that once again she doesn't disappoint. i do have a few criticisms, but then that is the case for most books you read..

The story picks up Ayla's tale as she and Jondalar start the final leg of their journey back to his people. In this book we see once again how Ayla is accepted into people's hearts, how she progresses with her medicine training and finally has another much longed for child. We see how once again she find the best in people and brings out the best in others, how she selflessly helps those less fortunate than herself no matter the consequences.

My only dislike of the book is the repetitiveness of the previous books. This may be for the benefit of those new to the series, but i feel that there are quite a few passages that could have been left out in the editing process. Some parts of this actual book are repeated as you get nearer the end of the story.

Overall though the author had a huge research challenge over many continents and years when she started these books. This is an era that with very few archaeological finds compared to other periods, visualising how the daily lives of the people has been done in a very realistic way and i felt as if i could be there myself. I have loved every minute of the journey, and at the end of the novel i still have questions about the future of Ayla.

I have nothing but praise for Ms Auel, for the achievement of this book and the series. Like Ayla she personally had huge obstacles to overcome and she never gave up. She didn't disappoint her loyal fans.

I would highly recommend this book and the whole series. They are something i have grown up with thanks to my mum and i will be passing them on to my daughter as she gets older.

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  1. I agree with your comments Claire,and like you I loved the whole series, but I still want to know whether her dream/vision of her children that she had in an earlier book comes true and more about her journey forward, but maybe we shall never know.