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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bank hol fri

Yesterday was a really relaxing day. I got fairly early and did the hoovering downstairs, best get it over with at the start of the weekend. I also pottered in the garden sowing some seeds, re potting some plants into bigger pots.
Then once son was collected for weekend a Very good friend and I went out for the day. Since it was such a beautiful sunny warm day we drove with the top down on his car out to East Dean to the Tiger Inn for lunch. We sat outside in full sunshine and admired the scene on the village green.

The Morris dancers were there when we arrived and were on a break, but while we were waiting for our food to arrive they took up their sticks and did the Dance of the long Man. This was represented by the ladies posing with arms and legs spread in the same stance as the long man on the Hill not far from the village.

This second picture is a hanky dance. I couldn't quite hear the explanation of this as people were talking on the table behind us, but all the dances they did were relevant to Easter and spring

Following a gorgeous Salmon on spinach bed with new potato's for lunch, and my friend had local Beachy head fish and chips, we savoured the sun a little longer before heading down to the town and collecting tickets for the cinema.

While waiting for the film we pottered round the shops. I bought a flat cap for when the top is down on the car, and we got nibbles for the film. This is something i have started doing as i don't agree with the exorbitant prices they charge you for their food.

The film we watched was Hunger Games. I knew nothing about the books, except the blurb on the back. And had heard mixed reviews, but since i wanted to see the film from the clips i had seen that's enough for me. And i thought it was really good. It has also left it open for another.

Once home we watched the second part of The lost wolves on BBC 1, a fascinating documentary of Wolves making a return to the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

My Easter weekend was off to a very relaxing start. Good weather, Good day, Good food, Great Company and a good nights sleep was had.

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  1. Fantastic especially the good night's sleep . glad you had a lovely day. It is lovely to see the Morris dancers kepping up the traditions