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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Victorian Bag Part 2.

Here is as promised the concluding part of my attempt at a Victorian bag. It has i think personally

come out rather well considering i have only had various internet pictures to go by.

Part 1 repeated for those who may not have seen it.

Once the front was finished, crocheting the back was the easiest of all.

The back

Sewn together

Sewing the front and back together was the second hardest part. The beads all hang down and they kept getting tangled in the thread

The Lining

Finished front

Finished back

The clasp is unused genuine Victorian

My gorgeous friend from Morgaine le fey Antiques gave me the red lining with the suggestion of it being stunning and i agree it works. The red is also a Victorian cotton.

Open with its glorious lining

 The hardest part was sewing the bag and the lining onto the clasp. The holes in the clasp are very small so the thread used was not the same as the crochet cotton. If this were made in Victorian times the cotton would have been thinner and the beads smaller. As it was i went for the smallest glass beasds i could find.

My aim was to recreate a bag for my Victorian street costume, and i think i can safely say i have done so. There are a few things i would change because it is not entirely to my perfect standards, but for the first attempt i am very pleased with it.

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