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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Having sorted pages, how do i post on them?

Now i have worked out separate pages with many thanks to a link one of my followers sent me, i only need to work out how to add new posts to each page. So far all i can do is edit the main part of the page, but then it doesn't show as individual items.
For example on my crafty page for each item i have made i would like to do a post with some pictures. I can't work out how to get that now. I have tried to go to that page on my blog, and then hitting the new post button from there, but it saves the post in this Home section.

I guess what i'm really saying is do any of my followers (or those just passing through) know how to do this and can they please advise this very computer illiterate person.
I will be eternatlly grateful.

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