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Sunday, 5 February 2012


Today, as with most of the country we were covered in snow. I went out with my daughter for a quick check on the main road (i was expecting my son back and was looking to see how near he could be delivered to the house). Anyway, we ended up going a little further than i expected. Daughter wanted to go to see our friend nearby. I have never managed to walk to his house so was a little nervous at 1, just managing it and 2, getting there without falling- I'd not brought my stick since it was only supposed to be to the main road and back. On our way there i called and found out he was up Galley hill,a trek for me but i persevered. I had a little stop to take picture of daughter on the rocks on the beach, then continued my climb up the hill. I made it a way behind daughter and with wobbly legs. Had a breather, took a couple of pictures, watched a snow ball fight between daughter and friend.

Following that daughter went home with friend while i had a break and visited another friend who'd not been too well over the weekend. We had a great chat and cuppa. The only drawback was i had to go out in the cold again and this time on my own- Something i have a bit of a fear of. But i did it. And didn't get lost on the way. Got to friends house and he and daughter were snuggled on sofa watching dvd.
We stayed for a drink, i got dragged out again to meet son from car park and went back there for dinner. Then once dark we walked home escorted by friend. A great support since the snow was slush and turning to ice, i had someones arm for the bad bits.

I have to say i love going out in the snow despite it being cold. The world is a wonderful sight covered in white, and its so quiet as no one wants to drive. You get children being children outside doing the age old sledging on anything they can find. No computers, t.v, something so low tech keeps them happy for hours. And although we saw lots of children on the hill, it would have been nice to have seen more children outside playing today.

I was told not long before starting this that i made my daughter very happy today. I know i will probably suffer for it tom but I'm proud of what i achieved today, it may not seem a great deal to some but to me the distance and the hill are a big deal since i don't walk very well and the best of times. And I'll take all the pain I'm given knowing we had a great day and my daughter is happy.
I may moan about the pain tomorrow.....but then I'm only human!

Good night all.

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  1. I am so glad you had a nice time with grandaughter and really hoipe you don't hurt too much. I am proud of you managing to walk on your own and in the cold and snow too. I cannot remember the last time you did that so very well done xxx