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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crafty weekend.

I had no children this weekend so had a nice lie in on saturday, followed by tidying up and crafts in the afternoon.
In the evening i went to a friends and we both sat making crafts. I finished off a woven bag, did some knitting and we watched The proposal with Sandra Bullock. I'd wanted to see that since the clips came out at the cinema.
Today i got up late, pottered in the garden and spent the rest of the day doing more crafts. I finished off a scarf, found a pattern similar to a jacket i want to knit, and spent more time creating some new creatures. I haven't finished the 1st one yet, but it won't be long the rate i'm going.

I am also half way through a book i am reviewing. Its taking longer because i've been so busy and its quite involved with lots of references in. The review will be posted once i've finished reading it.

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