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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Review of Discovery at Rosehill

I have just read this book on my kindle in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Being interested and having worked with Spirits for a while now i was fascinated by the descriptions used by the author. I was gripped by the multiple story lines and felt for amost all of the characters in the book. This book had me in tears, made me angry, and happy at varyious points throughout.

It describes a lady who is lead to bid on a house and land at auction only to discovery it has spirit guests. Throughout the twists and turns the reader is lead on a journey of discovery with the new owner of the house. It has its love interest that also has a secret to unearth. I found myself guessing as to what all the secrets were, and in some points quite tense at coming so close only for something to stop us finding out.

Overall i have to say i would recommend this read to anyone who has an interest in the afterlife, ghosts, living in the country and generally for a good read on a cold day.

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