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Thursday, 2 February 2012

DLA appeal result.

Well readers i finally feel up to letting the world know about the DLA appeal. After a 40ish minute interview with a legal rep, care rep and Dr they decided i am entitled to the lower rate of care and nothing for mobility. Apparently being in severe pain while walking and needing to stop often is not enough. Also falling regularly and going to A+E and coming out on crutches with sprained ankle tendon is also not enough. The photo's of my many bruises were pretty and ignored. As always i ended up in tears when trying to tell them how i struggle to look after my children at times, and how they look after me. So i will get something, which i believe is better than nothing, but when so many people get so much more for 1 medical condition that is not nearly as bad as my 3 are individually i get upset.

Anyway, it has made me all the more determined to try and beat this. I will never cure any of my conditions but i can learn to live with them better and as the Dr said- Gentle increased exercise. So i will be starting back at Pilate's, and at home i will get on the wii again- By doing that i can stop and start when it is best for me, and i can even try some Zumba without making an idiot of myself. If i go to classes, yes i get the benefit of others, but i also can't get home if i should collapse. Not only that they will be catered to the fully able bodied- i need my own slow pace and can't afford classes each week.

I will also start swimming with my children more now they are safe alone in the pool.
I will keep this up to date with my progress. Fingers crossed i will also lose some weight.

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