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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Half term.

Its been an interesting one, and Feb is always the worst of them for some reason. Perhaps its something to do with the weather.
Anyway, nothing happened the first part of it as i felt so rough. I rested as much as possible and my wonderful son looked after me as much as he could. He was making me breakfast every day.
This is him eating his "Manwich". It was bread then fried egg, another layer of bread and another egg topped with tomato ketchup and bread. He ate the lot. I also got hot water bottles regularly and lots of cups of tea.

Wednesday i was feeling lots better and his Warhammer figures he saved for arrived, so i treated him for all his help and we went to Hastings and got the paints he needed for them.

Thursday i went to Zumba for the first time, was exhausted afterwards but made it through the class. Daughter came with me and earned some pocket money doing some chores for the lady who runs the studio and happens to be an old family friend.

Today my Corsets and Crinolines book arrived with the boning for the corset so I'm all set to go now. Mum came and helped my fit the skirt to me properly, a dummy is all well and good, but not quite the same shape as me. For a start she doesn't have all the lumps and bumps in the wrong places that i have. We also did a big tidy up together, son and daughter had a little competition going on who could clear the most up. With soe in livingroom and daughter in diningroom, i oversaw from the kitchen and we had an almost acceptable downstairs again. Not that you can tell now that they were playing in one room and i got the sewing out again in the other.

Tomorrow is Reiki share in the afternoon, I will be together with like minded friends and we share meditation and healing for each other. Doing this sort of work its nice to be on the receiving end occasionally. We meet up once a month and share, it gives us all a boost.

So all in all half term ended up being somewhat of a washout. Son is away this weekend with his dad, so i can have girlie time with daughter.

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