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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Another wasted day due to Fibro

I woke this morning to a bright sunny day which seems a good thing until i tried to move. Not a good thing to do, i was hurting in all my joints and had this distinct bunged up feeling in one nostril. I was freezing cold and my eyes were burning. It could only be two things. Just a cold or Fibro flare or both together.
After moving some more it turns out to be both. I hurt even to hold a book. That is the worst part, normally i ride it out with plenty of hot water bottles and my kindle, and that's a struggle.
My son however is having a lovely day, he's been allowed a rare treat of dvd's all day. He's done homework and unloaded the dishwasher, he helped me by bringing some bits i needed upstairs and by lunch time was on his 4th film.
Don't get me wrong, i don't condone watching tv all day and it is a rare occurrence, but his sister is at her dads and his dads partner has flu so he's had to miss his weekend. Even when i'm ill i normally only allow a film in the morning and one in the evening in bed, but i've made the exception today. He's quiet, and happy under a duvet downstairs.
All i need now is for my flare up to go quickly, this cold to disappear into nothing so i can get on with enjoying half term with him, and with daughter when she returns mid week.


  1. Hope you are better today, I know tyou are still in bed but that is the best place at the moment x