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Friday, 13 January 2012


What a lovely day today, the sun was shining but the wind wasn't so nice- its left me with a headache. However i spent a lovely day with my mum. We had an early lunch in a cafe, then went onto look at some craft things. I managed to get a skirt in a charity shop that will be recycled into a bag, and various knitting wools that will be made into scarves. The nasty overlocker has gone to the sewing machine dr who will call next week and give his verdict. So everyone keep fingers crossed that its simple and and cheap to repair. I do love that machine, depsite it being infuriatingly difficult to thread.
Son came home with his friend again today who stayed for dinner. I sometimes think he'll be moving in soon! They did some homework and then played on the wii. After taking him home we went to get a birthday present for son's friend on sunday, only to end up helping move some bits from a garage locally to another. that was a change to the plan, but then that is the story of my life. And as my mum so eloquently put this morning- "We don't have plans, we have ideas." Its less structured and still fun.

This evening I signed up to , and asked if i could contribute a days comment to the story. The project was the idea of  @Dave_Kirkwood on twitter, to ask members on twitter to sign up to a day in the year and to contribute the length of a tweet to the story. The webstie has a section where you can see the story so far and also to check what days are still available. It is in aid of teenage cancer, and the story is raising money for them daily. I think this is a fantastic thing to do and am hoping i get chosen to contribute. Please keep fingers crossed.

Now it is time to catch up on what all my lovely friends are doing/have done today x

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