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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

School astronomy meeting

We went to my sons Astronomy evening and had fun making a constellation, looking at moon dust under the microscope and testing the effects of size and weight on the type of crater they make. This was followed by a talk from the local Astronomical society. For those of you into stars its Stargazing live this week and this was connected to that. At the end the speaker asked for Questions. My 9 yr old daughters hand shot up "How many stars are there in the universe?" They couldn't answer that one. A couple of other people asked questions, then my daughter had another one "Do stars have a core like the earth?" Where does she get these questions??? Then my son pipes up "Is there and equivalent to Polaris the North star in the south?" That earned him a few credits.
Now not only do i have a budding scientist in him, and his interest in stars has expanded greatly, i have a budding Astronomist in my daughter. I think i need to win the lottery- University is going to be very expensive if these 2 get their chance.
Its amazing they are able to do such things and that there are people that are willing to give their time for nothing to develop their interest. My son now wants to join the East Sussex Astronomy Society, and luckily they meet up monthly only 5 mins away from our house. Good luck to both of them, i'm immensely  proud of them both


  1. And so am I wel done both of them

  2. Not surprised you're proud - and yes, those university fees are going to be expensive, lol.

    I love astronomy. A few people clubbed together and bought me a huge telescope for my 40th (a couple of yrs ago) and we get wonderful skies up here in Northumberland.

    CJ x