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Monday, 23 January 2012

My Lovely afternoon

Monday has come round all to quick again. But i had the most lovely afternoon yesterday. While the children went out to play i sat and did some of my latest costume. This was followed by a nice swim to loosen up the muscles. I haven't been in such a long time, and although the water was cold and i only stayed in for about 20 minutes, i managed to do 4 lengths. Now before you all say brilliant. The pool belongs to a local special needs residential school and is not as large as a public pool, but for me 4 lengths is an achievement considering my mobility and fitness status.
The best part of the afternoon however was something so simple- The walk back from the pool to my mums. Although only a few minutes, passing through the school grounds there are many trees and we left around 5, it was getting dark and the birds were settling down for the night.

We could hear various different species all saying goodnight to each other and all vying to have the last chirrup. It is always such a beautiful sound, and because the trees were between us and the road we didn't hear the cars. The wind had dropped and it was peaceful.

If only life could be that calm and quiet all the time. But then if it was i guess we wouldn't appreciate times such as yesterday. And believe me i certainly do.

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